Heart of the Hellwood takes places on the world of And’uin, specifically, on the continent of Sova’ethal. 400 years ago, a great cataclysm known as The Godsrage ended the solitude of the Arura’thym, the Elves of And’uin, and brought to their shores the Outlanders, a mix of races from And’uin’s other landmasses.

Together, the Aura’thym and the Outlanders united under the banner of an Outlander named Varin to reclaim Sova’ethal following the end of the Godsrage. While Varin and his Hellsworn were able to make enough headway into the Hellwood to establish several settlements, he and his companions disappeared, and a foul border that came to be called the Nekrid Forest grew around all they had reclaimed.

The Nekrid forest is an impermeable border of undead trees that utilize the life energy from living trees, and create a misty haze from which none have returned.

This adventure begins at the closing of the Festival of High Dawn, in the year 402 AG, during an age known as The Time of Trials.

The Heart of the Hellwood

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